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About Our Church

Mount Carmel History

Mount Carmel Baptist Church had its humble beginnings in 1925 when the Reverend Noah Brown and others decided that they wanted a Baptist Church. They rented what had been a grocery store from Mr. George "Pike" Walston and that was the birth of Mount Carmel Baptist Church in September 1925.

Three years later in 1928, land was purchased in the same area, and still under the leadership of Reverend Noah Brown, another church was built. The church was located up a dark, bumpy lane off Hampden Avenue, but was later moved to its present location at 30683 Hampden Avenue.

Pastors who served at the original location were the late Reverend Noah Brown, Reverend Earvine Hargis, Reverend George Brown, Reverend Saunders Dix, Reverend John Spells, Reverend Richard Hall, Interim Mother Ada Thomas, Reverend John Ringhold, Reverend Ward and Reverend Virgil Cottman. The Reverend Elwood White served as Pastor for twenty-four years before retiring on July 31, 2005 due to illness.

Mount Carmel was blessed to have many willing ministers to serve and support their efforts during the search for a Pastor. The church was also blessed to receive heartfelt sincerity and encouragement from so many others during this process. After being prayerful and patient, Mount Carmel was favored by God to have Minister Carroll Mills to accept the assignment. After being ordained on July 22, 2006, Reverend Carroll Mills was installed on August 12, 2006 as the full-time Pastor of Mount Carmel Baptist Church.

Mount Carmel Timeline

Our Vision and Beliefs

The purpose of Mount Carmel Baptist Church is to establish and maintain a place of worship for the saved as well as the unsaved. The Church will minister unselfishly and tirelessly to all who enter through the doors and reach out to those who are lost in sin or desire a closer relationship with the Lord.

As a unified body in Christ, we seek to be a beacon of light to the community as a spiritual organism empowered by the Holy Spirit and governed by the principles of faith. We also seek to promote the teachings of Jesus Christ through Bible Study, Sunday School, weekly services and training for Christian service. Additionally, we seek to advance the kingdom of Jesus Christ through the preaching of the Gospel, consistent Christian living of the Church members, Missionary endeavors, Prayer and Christian Education. We emphasize meaningful and purposeful praise and worship, and a total commitment of lifestyles to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the basis for our beliefs. We characterize ourselves as a body of baptized believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to sharing the good news of salvation to mankind. We believe the Scriptures teach that the ordinances of the Church are Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

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